Let’s ask big questions and build answers together

Every few seconds an entrepreneur has their first sale—and it‘s a life-changing event. Better than anyone, we know what that feels like. We started Shopify as entrepreneurs ourselves, and we know what it takes to keep going. Tobi, our founder, says, “Money finds the people who do valuable things.” So, for the last 16 years, we’ve done what creates the most value for merchants.

Our mission is to make commerce better for everyone. With Shopify Ventures, we invest in the founders with visions that will define commerce for the next 100 years. We challenge ourselves and our industry by figuring out what merchants need. Together with the best minds in commerce, we meet problems with products that will transform its future for the better.

Unwavering focus on commerce

We do commerce, and are steeped in industry, product, and merchant knowledge that will inform its future.

Collaboration beyond capital

We think, explore, and build with founders as partners in product and tech, not just as investors.

Guidance across stages

We know the journey of entrepreneurship, and help founders across stages from day one to IPO, and beyond.

Global scale

Shopify serves merchants of all sizes, everywhere, and we invest wherever commerce goes.