Let’s ask big questions and build answers together

Every few seconds an entrepreneur has their first sale—and its a life-changing event. Better than anyone, we know what that feels like. We started Shopify as entrepreneurs ourselves, and we know what it takes to keep going. Tobi, our founder, says, “Money finds the people who do valuable things.” So, for the last 16 years, we’ve done what makes sense for merchants. We built, and continue to build, products that solve real problems and create real value for merchants.

Our purpose is to make commerce better for everyone. With Shopify Ventures, we invest in the founders and visions that will define commerce for the next 100 years. We challenge ourselves and our industry by figuring out what merchants need. Together with the best minds in commerce, we meet problems with products that will transform its future for the better.

Investment approach

Founders first

Only founders can craft their company’s unique playbook. We unequivocally support founders throughout their journey as they focus on building for the long-term.

Unwavering focus on commerce

We do commerce, and are steeped in industry, product, and merchant knowledge that will inform its future.

Collaboration beyond capital

We think, explore, and build with founders as partners in product and tech, not just investors.

Guidance across stages

We know the journey of entrepreneurship, and help founders across stages from day one to IPO, and beyond.

Global scale

Shopify serves merchants of all sizes, everywhere, and we invest wherever commerce goes.

Portfolio acceleration

Our goal as an investor is to help you build your company and play the infinite game of entrepreneurship. We’re committed to working with you to accelerate your growth in ways only Shopify can provide.

Advisory program

Shopify’s focus on building great products for millions of merchants around the world has enabled us to build a team of world-class, passionate, and deeply experienced specialists

As a founder, you’ll gain exclusive access to individual and group advisory sessions led by these experts. From designing products to scaling infrastructure to building sales teams, the Advisory Program is built to accelerate founder learning and empower Shopify Ventures portfolio companies to confidently tackle emerging challenges.

Meet the advisors

Expertise area

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Alex Lyons

Sr. Lead, Financial & Crisis Communications

Shannon O'Brien

Director, Internal Communication

Anne Branchut

Staff Business Analyst, Growth Analytics

Brad Groff

Manager, Data Engineering

Mike Develin

Director, Product Data Science

Nell Thomas

Vice President, Data

Shanelle Mullin

Manager, Business Analytics

Caue Guerra

Director of Engineering, Growth

Kirill Shatrov

Sr. Staff Developer, Infrastructure

Margaret Syms

Director, Security Engineering

Oliver Tabay

Sr. Development Manager, Merchant Marketing

Ben Aronsten

Director of Marketing, EMEA

Derek Gleason

Content Marketing Lead, SEO

Jason Feder

Growth Marketing Lead, Performance Marketing

Kevin Macgillivray

Director, Revenue Marketing

Niree Perian

Director, Content & SEO

Kelly Gartshore

Director, Office of the COO

Vincent Poulain

Director, Product Operations, Core

Ritu Khanna

Vice President, Global Partnerships

Akshay Patil

Director, Product, Core Deliver

Ben Dear

Sr. Product Lead, Retail Start

John Hogan

Product Lead, App Ecosystem

John Nguyen

Staff Product Manager, Ecosystem

Michael Clarke

Director, Product, Ecosystem Marketplaces

Emma Kent

Sr. Lead, SMB Cross Sell & Upgrade

Jamie Armstrong

Sr. Lead, Retail Sales

Ricky Ho

Senior Lead, Enterprise Sales

Ryan Pantaleo

Sales Coach, Mid Market

Colin Boyer

Sr. Lead, Vendor Solutions Performance

Asha Nataraja

Director, Total Rewards

Brianna Gibson

Lead, Learning & Development

Charlene Olatunde

Director, Talent

Ian Stakiw

Sr. Lead, Coaching

Yad Dhaliwal

Sr. Lead, Executive Recruitment

Sadia Latifi

Director, Ecosystem & International

Jessica Kwan

Sr. Manager, Product Marketing

Colleen Oates

Director, Agency Partnerships

Founder Summit

Our annual Founder Summit brings together key executives and portfolio founders to collaborate, share knowledge, and create meaningful connections. We’re excited to evolve this event as our network grows stronger with each new founding team.